My Story

Hi. I’m Wendy Lou…

In my 50 years on this planet, I have worn many hats. I am a trained classical singer with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance, a published author, and professional editor and narrator. I was an Air Force officer, an office manager, a choir director, a large event planner, and I dabbled in MLM’s.

In the past 8 years since my awakening, I have become a certified Usui & Sekhem Reiki Master, a certified Multi-dimensional Healing Practitioner, an intuitive energy reader, a Guardian of the Akashic Library and Past Life Healing Practitioner, an essential oil alchemist, a “Parenting for the New World” teacher, and holistic living educator.

“Some call me crazy, others call me for advice”

I discovered essential oils through a caring friend who handed me a bottle of lavender to ease my newborn’s nighttime cough. When one drop on a stuffed animal in his crib knocked the cough out in the first night, I wanted more. I spent the next decade reading and researching and USING oils on myself and my family, and the level of healing we’ve experienced has been phenomenal.

I have four sons, ages 25, 20, 14, and 10, and I have homeschooled the youngest two for the past seven years, since we moved to Colorado. Twenty-three years in the Air Force took us all over the world, including South Korea and Germany, but when my husband retired, we were both pulled to the mountains, where we’ve found a simpler, quieter life that really suits our family.

When a friend and soul brother was visiting from England, I made him one of my custom blends based on meditation, intuition, and my overall knowledge of essential oils, something I’d done for years, but just for friends. He loved it so much, he asked me, “Why are you NOT selling these?” and I couldn’t answer.

Something clicked in my brain in that moment, but more importantly, something opened up in my heart. Suddenly, I had clarity of my next step in owning my power and claiming my unique mission. The path to my deep, deep desire to help others heal on a grander scale had magically shown itself, and it was lit up like a Christmas tree.

So, with the help and encouragement of that soul brother, and many, many others, I am now a bona fide oil blend alchemist.

But my mission doesn’t stop with oils. Visit my “Energy Services” page for more ways I can help you heal.

I embrace my strong maternal energy, and, even as a child with three younger siblings, I was told I was a “little mother.” I know that this is how I’ve chosen to bring love and transformation into the world, through my strength as a mother and woman. I am deeply connected to our Mother Gaia, spiritual leader and sorceress, Morgan le Fay, and the profound healer and teacher, the Great Mary, mother of Yeshua. I have been called, “Everyone’s Mom,” typically feeding and even housing several of my kids’ friends over the years.

I am a Wanderer, a Lightworker, a Wayshower, a Torchbearer and guide for those going through the incredibly challenging process we’ve come to call “Ascension.”

Let me know how I can help YOU! I’d love to connect.