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Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn


July 1, 2020 - December 17, 2020 Be the calm in the storm! Others will be caught up in the conflict, the division, but you know better. You know that this is a transition, a transformation, and that humanity is taking this leap together. Because energies of cosmic events can be felt as much as a week before, and for a week after, you can utilize your cosmic ritual kit daily. Listen to the guided meditation and the healing frequency, using the mandala as a visual. Place the crystals near you, or on your body while you diffuse the oil blend. The New World is here. This is a beautiful time in our history, and there is no turning back. Remember the old must be destroyed for the new to rise up from the ashes.

Solar Eclipse/Summer Solstice Blend


Need the perfect blend for your personal ceremony to honor the Summer Solstice and Solar Eclipse on June 20? And, YES, these two major events are happening on the same day! Yikes, am I right?!? Anyhoo, this blend will enhance and focus those beautiful energies coming in. Remember, the Universe has your back, so dance naked under the eclipse or whatever you do, you fierce goddess, you!


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