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Autumn Leaves


Soak your senses in soothing seasonal synergy with this EXCLUSIVE blend! Autumn is my favorite time of the year, because it means the end of hot, sticky summer days, and the beginning of light jacket weather. Celebrate with me, won’t you?

Clear the Air


Flowers and trees and grass, oh my! If you need a protective bubble around you to keep floaty things out of your personal space, then try this magical concoction! Clear the Air can help you focus on living your life, instead of making sure you have tissues nearby, just in case you have a sneezing fit. You know what I mean (wink wink). Roll this bad boy on, and you may not remember the last time you could breathe so deep.

Mrs. Claus’s Cookies


Remember Christmas as a kid? The magic, the anticipation...the cookies? My mom made them every year, shaped as Santas, trees, and snowmen, frosted to perfection and covered in sprinkles. Even if the beautiful chaos of a family Christmas is not your reality this year, this blend, infused with 13 different oils, including vanilla and clove, will fill you with the warmth and hope of being surrounded by loved ones again for all holidays to come. And it smells like cookies, so...yeah...


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