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All The Chakras!


This blend does it ALL! (Hence the name.) It is EPIC. I combined each chakra's fave essential oil into one magical bottle, promoting total balance and energetic harmony. How could I possibly know what oil each chakra craves, you ask? Dude. It's what I DO.

Anchor Me


Soothes anxious moments by enhancing your connection to Mother Earth, making you feel safe and secure.

Back In My Body


When the discomfort of this life has you feeling like you want to float away, this blend allows you to fully inhabit your body, promoting a sense of stability, and allowing the flood of emotions to float away, instead of you. Now, kick down that door and feel ALL the feels!

Chill Pill


A magical blend that allows all the thoughts of the day to dissipate, encouraging true relaxation and unwinding, helping you detox from that pesky adulting thing.

Clear the Air


Flowers and trees and grass, oh my! If you need a protective bubble around you to keep floaty things out of your personal space, then try this magical concoction! Clear the Air can help you focus on living your life, instead of making sure you have tissues nearby, just in case you have a sneezing fit. You know what I mean (wink wink). Roll this bad boy on, and you may not remember the last time you could breathe so deep.

Divine Love Duo


Divine Man PLUS Wild Woman EQUALS the perfect couple's gift! These blends work together to bring masculine and feminine into perfect harmony within your personal energy field. Don't have a life companion at the moment? Then, LOVE YOURSELF! (You know what I mean...wink wink, nudge nudge) Whether you have a traditional or more progressive relationship, these blends combined can bring perfect BALANCE of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies that are flooding into our reality right now. This is the journey. When we achieve balance within ourselves, only then can we truly complement another being, committing to traveling our individual journeys side by side. These blends were designed to help.

Divine Man


If you're a man, or are working on connecting with and strengthening your masculine energy (we are ALL a product of feminine AND masculine energy, no matter the vessel you chose for this life), this blend is for YOU! It was designed to ease this transition into the higher energies, to give you confidence as you step into your 5D life, and support you during this time of clarity when many, and I mean MANY, people will experience drastic changes in their life paths. Where your feminine side fosters creation, compassion and caring, the masculine part is where ACTION lives. You can create all day long, but if your divine masculine is lacking, actually DOING something with that creation will be challenging. Are you ready to ACT on all the brilliant ideas you created in 2019? Then, take a big whiff of my Divine Man blend, and GET GOING! (Note: This is the perfect companion to my <strong><a href="">Wild Woman</a></strong> blend! Check it out!)

Free Hugs


This blend wraps you in a warm hug of aromas, reminding you that you're not alone, even in your darkest hours.

Kids’ Sleepy Starseed


If your little Starseed has trouble sleeping, roll a little of this on the bottom of each foot, play some relaxing 432 Hz healing frequencies by John Bass at <strong><a href="">New Life Frequencies</a></strong>, and watch them drift away to visit magical lands where they can ride unicorns and joust with knights. Sleepy Starseed also aids in encouraging positive, happy dreams, making nightmares a soon-to-be-forgotten memory. This blend is diluted at a 4.4% rate, safe for little ones of all ages!


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