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A one-of-a-kind, Reiki-infused, intuitive blend made for you, to help you through a specific issue, or time in your life when you feel like you need a little extra support. Includes a full energy reading, and refill option.

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Oh boy. This is going to blow your socks off! If you’re in a challenging place in your life and feel like you need something to help push you through, or to support you while you process some super “Big Kahuna”-type energy, but none of the stock blends are calling to you, then THIS is the blend you want. Why?

Because it’s a one-of-a-kind blend I make for you, and only you. I tune into your energy field, your auras, and see what’s floating around in there that is ready to go. I connect to my guides, I connect to your guides…I know that sounds like a lot of guides, but…;-) It’s essentially an energy reading in a bottle, but there’s more…

It comes with a full-up energy reading via a private YouTube link!

This tailor-made concoction, like all my blends, will be infused with the highest frequency of cosmic, divine healing energy, to bring you to your highest good, and ease any transition you may be going through.

Note: I will email you (from once I’ve received notice of the order to get details on what you’re needing for your custom essential oil blend. If you don’t receive an email within 24 hours of ordering, please check your Junk folder before emailing me.

These custom blends will be available for refill, if needed, for $44, the same price as a stock blend. You don’t even need to return the bottle. I’ll keep your unique blend on file FOREVER. (Insert echo here)

*My blends are diluted at 44.4% to facilitate quantum healing. If you prefer the “industry standard” dilution rate of 5%, please use 1 drop of one of my blends with 10 drops of a good quality carrier oil. I highly recommend this 5% rate if you are new to essential oils, or are applying to children under 12…or both.

This comes in a 15ml bottle with a roller top.


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