Divine Man


If you’re a man, or are working on connecting with and strengthening your masculine energy (we are ALL a product of feminine AND masculine energy, no matter the vessel you chose for this life), this blend is for YOU! It was designed to ease this transition into the higher energies, to give you confidence as you step into your 5D life, and support you during this time of clarity when many, and I mean MANY, people will experience drastic changes in their life paths. Where your feminine side fosters creation, compassion and caring, the masculine part is where ACTION lives. You can create all day long, but if your divine masculine is lacking, actually DOING something with that creation will be challenging. Are you ready to ACT on all the brilliant ideas you created in 2019? Then, take a big whiff of my Divine Man blend, and GET GOING! (Note: This is the perfect companion to my Wild Woman blend! Check it out!)

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Humanity is evolving. Women AND men, growing our souls, expanding our consciousness, and finding the balance we were meant to have. Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, existing together on a planet filled with love and compassion, abundance and joy.

We’re almost there.

The transition to this Nirvana, to this Heaven on Earth (as above so below), can be…let’s just say “tricky.”

Okay, it stinks on ice.

For the most part, men are just recently beginning to really feel the uptick in energy that women have been feeling for years. Now, this is not across the board, and in no way diminishes what any of us have or are going through for the benefit of this galactic ascension.

With all this in mind, I tuned into the Divine Masculine energy on the planet, and developed this deliciously manly blend. If you’re having a hard time with this transition, give this mixture a try. It just might help.

*My blends are diluted at 44.4% to facilitate quantum healing. If you prefer the “industry standard” dilution rate of 5%, please use 1 drop of one of my blends with 10 drops of a good quality carrier oil. I highly recommend this 5% rate if you are new to essential oils, or are applying to children under 12…or both.

This comes in a 15ml bottle with a roller top.

Ingredients: 100% therapeutic grade angelica, basil, bergamot, clove, Douglas fir, frankincense, juniper, myrrh, oregano, patchouli, peppermint, and tea tree essential oils.

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