Kids’ Sleepy Starseed


If your little Starseed has trouble sleeping, roll a little of this on the bottom of each foot, play some relaxing 432 Hz healing frequencies by John Bass at New Life Frequencies, and watch them drift away to visit magical lands where they can ride unicorns and joust with knights. Sleepy Starseed also aids in encouraging positive, happy dreams, making nightmares a soon-to-be-forgotten memory.

This blend is diluted at a 4.4% rate, safe for little ones of all ages!

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My kids’ blends are diluted at 4.4%, which is just below the industry “safe” standard of 5%. I want you to be able to slather these babies all over YOUR babies, and for them to be able to take control of their own well-being, and apply these blends all by themselves!

This comes in a 15ml bottle with a roller top.

Ingredients: 100% therapeutic grade lavender, cedarwood, angelica, chamomile, vetiver, orange, and frankincense essential oils, diluted with organic extra virgin olive oil.


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