Off-switch is my unique blend for shutting down all the tabs you opened in your brain during your busy day. Apply it liberally wherever your intuition guides you, to fall asleep quickly, and stay in dreamland for as long as your body needs…or at least until AFTER that recurring dream about Vin Diesel. You know what I?m talking about. Sweet dreams, my little pixie.

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A blend that will change your life! The oils I put in this baby can help you sleep like…well…a baby. But, not like the 6-week-old with colic. (There’s an oil for that, by the way.) This magical potion can help you sleep like the precious, always-groggy newborn you have to gently awaken to feed. As in, SLEEPING TOO HARD TO NOTICE AN EMPTY STOMACH kind of sleep. You’ll sleep like THAT baby. Like the brand new human who doesn’t have a paper due tomorrow, who doesn’t have to take care of other humans, who has no idea what “traffic” is. You wanna sleep like that baby, don’t you? Yeah, you do.

*My blends are diluted at 44.4% to facilitate quantum healing. If you prefer the “industry standard” dilution rate of 5%, please use 1 drop of one of my blends with 10 drops of a good quality carrier oil. I highly recommend this 5% rate if you are new to essential oils, or are applying to children under 12…or both.

This comes in a 15ml bottle with a roller top.

Ingredients: 100% therapeutic grade marjoram, bergamot, cedarwood, vetiver, Roman chamomile, lavender, valerian, and frankincense essential oils, diluted with organic extra virgin olive oil.


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