Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn


July 1, 2020 – December 17, 2020

Be the calm in the storm!

Others will be caught up in the conflict, the division, but you know better. You know that this is a transition, a transformation, and that humanity is taking this leap together. Because energies of cosmic events can be felt as much as a week before, and for a week after, you can utilize your cosmic ritual kit daily. Listen to the guided meditation and the healing frequency, using the mandala as a visual. Place the crystals near you, or on your body while you diffuse the oil blend. The New World is here. This is a beautiful time in our history, and there is no turning back. Remember the old must be destroyed for the new to rise up from the ashes.

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Saturn has been retrograde since May 10, but as it moves into Capricorn, its home, and stays there until December 17, we?re going to go from a revolutionary, rebellious energy, to a more internal focus. Societal shifts worldwide are in full swing, and nothing will stop the monumental changes happening, so get your stuff together, stay centered, grounded, and focus on creating stability in your own life.?

The last time Saturn was in Capricorn, revolutionaries tore down the Berlin wall, so, to say this pivotal transit feeds rebellious energy is an understatement! There may be a tendency to leap before thinking. You may also feel a deep sadness during this time, as the collective releases grief from seeing the old ways fall away. The drastic changes happening are the manifestation of deep-rooted belief systems breaking down, and a feeling of helplessness is understandable.

The events playing out in the real world can weigh heavily on you at this time, and the last thing you want to do is push this aside. Allow yourself to feel it, and let it go. Saturn brings harsh wake-up calls, and you may feel like you?re watching the end of the world from the sidelines. The collective unrest and sadness will show you what you need to heal within yourself. With the big changes occurring all around us, allowing the Universe to do its thing will make the transition easier. Work with the energy, and you?ll avoid knee-jerk reactions to situations.

This energy boosts the great thinkers among us to discover new things, fostering scientific exploration and advancement in the midst of all the chaos. Solutions to the big problems on the planet will start to reveal themselves. As more and more people wake up to the reality of what is going on, you will start to see healing taking place on a mass scale. This is a good time to focus the intense energies into building a career around your soul purpose. Others will come to you for your expertise, and you will be ready. Speak your truth, but avoid getting caught up in the low-vibe drama. Disconnect as much as you can from the illusion, and you will be a beacon in the dark for others to find their way.?

This blend is made up of 100% pure, therapeutic-grade lavender, cedarwood, cypress, and lemon essential oils, diluted with organic olive oil.

This blend comes in a 15ml bottle with a rollerball top.