Twin Flame Akashic Clearing Session


We’ll go into the Akashic Library, look at your soul’s book and root out any trauma you may be carrying from past lives with your Twin Flame, and cut any energetic chords that are holding you back. The cool thing is everything you heal for yourself helps heal it for your Twin as well, so…it’s a win-win!

Note: This is a 90-min session on Zoom, scheduled after payment is received.

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If you’re on a Twin Flame journey, then you know how it can fast-track you to heal your wounds, your trauma, ancestral baggage, patterns…everything!

You know how painful it can be.

You also know that the connection, though beautiful, can weigh you down at times.

Let me help you free yourself of the heaviness that a Twin Flame experience can bring. The guilt, shame, confusion, self-worth, we’ll look at all of it so you can embark on your healing journey with newfound confidence and trust in the process.

Don’t worry, you can NOT cut any energetic chords that you still need, I promise! Cutting the chords that represent unhealthy attachment allows you to see the relationship with more clarity, illuminating your path in front of you, and helping you embody your inner strength and wholeness.

This journey is about reclaiming your Sovereignty, and the TF path is one of the most challenging ways we can choose to get there. As a Twin Flame myself, I can help you navigate the road ahead by helping you let go of what’s behind you.