Wild Woman

Wild Woman


An intense blend to encourage the strong, primal connection to Mother Gaia we’ve all been lacking, Wild Woman has the right stuff to make your lady parts super happy, and give you the courage to stand in your raw feminine power!

(Note: This blend is the perfect companion to my Divine Man blend! Check it out!)

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If you're a man, or are working on connecting with and strengthening your masculine energy (we are ALL a product of feminine AND masculine energy, no matter the vessel you chose for this life), this blend is for YOU! It was designed to ease this transition into the higher energies, to give you confidence as you step into your 5D life, and support you during this time of clarity when many, and I mean MANY, people will experience drastic changes in their life paths. Where your feminine side fosters creation, compassion and caring, the masculine part is where ACTION lives. You can create all day long, but if your divine masculine is lacking, actually DOING something with that creation will be challenging. Are you ready to ACT on all the brilliant ideas you created in 2019? Then, take a big whiff of my Divine Man blend, and GET GOING! (Note: This is the perfect companion to my <strong><a href="https://intuitiveoilblends.com/product/wild-woman/">Wild Woman</a></strong> blend! Check it out!)

Inspired by my amazing soul sister, Kierra K. King, creator of Womb Code, Ltd, and her gift and passion to help women heal their wombs, this blend might just be my favorite. (Check her out at Kierra K King-Womb Code on FB and Kierra K King on YouTube!)

Are you a WILD WOMAN? If not, do you long to be? I know I did. I wanted to feel the raw, feminine power of my divine womanhood, but I didn’t know how. Well, let me tell you, I have connected to my inner wild woman, and she is fabulous! I mean, this entire journey is about embracing our Divine Feminine, about grounding into the beautiful mother energy that is our planet, Gaia, and unleashing her into the world. Bringing the Divine Feminine back into balance with the Divine Masculine is literally what we signed up for this go around. And this blend was created to help do just that. It is vital that we heal our femininity, and that includes the physical. Yep. You know what I’m talking about. The “lady bits.” The uterus, vagina, fallopian tubes, the labia, etc…even the bladder, are all part of our core power as women. Even if these things have been removed, the energy is still there! Heal it, and we can heal the world. This blend contains 13 of the most kickass oils I know of to enhance your connection to Gaia and the magical She-Ra that has been hiding inside each of us, women AND men, for far too long. Let her loose. And smell absolutely FIERCE while you’re doing it.

*My blends are diluted at 44.4% to facilitate quantum healing. If you prefer the “industry standard” dilution rate of 5%, please use 1 drop of one of my blends with 10 drops of a good quality carrier oil. I highly recommend this 5% rate if you are new to essential oils, or are applying to children under 12…or both.

This comes in a 15ml bottle with a roller top.

Ingredients: 100% therapeutic grade geranium, angelica, lavender, jasmine, cypress, bergamot, clary sage, ylang ylang, basil, fennel, myrtle, melrose, and lemon essential oils, diluted with organic extra virgin olive oil.



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