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Solar Eclipse/Summer Solstice Blend


Need the perfect blend for your personal ceremony to honor the Summer Solstice and Solar Eclipse on June 20? And, YES, these two major events are happening on the same day! Yikes, am I right?!? Anyhoo, this blend will enhance and focus those beautiful energies coming in. Remember, the Universe has your back, so dance naked under the eclipse or whatever you do, you fierce goddess, you!

Spritz Your Space


This room clearing spray goes above and beyond, with EIGHT different essential oils known to cleanse and purify energy, driving away any negative or low vibe juju, and infusing your magical space with the beautiful scent of a field of wildflowers. Don't be afraid to spritz it everywhere, even on yourself! Clear your healing space and your personal auric field with this one handy, downright heavenly spray.

Thinking Cap


Want crystal clarity when you need it most? Hells yes, you do! This fabulous potion clears the fog away, helping you grab hold of what you need in the moment, and allowing all that other stuff to float to the background. Let go of the need to multitask. You have nothing to prove to anyone! Tackle one thing at a time, like a friggin' boss!

Twin Flame Akashic Clearing Session


We'll go into the Akashic Library, look at your soul's book and root out any trauma you may be carrying from past lives with your Twin Flame, and cut any energetic chords that are holding you back.

Wild Woman


An intense blend to encourage the strong, primal connection to Mother Gaia we've all been lacking, Wild Woman has the right stuff to make your lady parts super happy, and give you the courage to stand in your raw feminine power! (Note: This blend is the perfect companion to my <strong><a href="">Divine Man</a></strong> blend! Check it out!)

You’re So Vein


The oils in this blend, when used consistently and persistently, can offer vital support for blood flow, increasing circulation where we need it most, easing, and even reversing the effects of a lifestyle that's a little hard on the lower extremities. If you know what I mean. Wink, wink.


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