The Change-Makers

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Angie Kraft-Meldahl:

Angie and I have been aligned in our individual soul journeys for quite some time, and I can always count on her guidance in moments of uncertainty. We are in the same soul tribe, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Her gifts have opened up astronomically just in the few years I’ve known her, and she has dedicated her life to guiding both women and men to the path of their life purpose through eye-opening hand analysis, and by accessing the Akashic Records and showing clients the story that was written for their lives, past, present, future…but, the best part is that she shows you how to REWRITE your story! I’m still geeking out about it, seriously. I love this magical woman. I know you will, too.

Like her page on FB at Life Purpose Pathfinders LLC

Join the group at: Life Purpose Pathfinders

Schedule a session with Angie on her website: Life Purpose Pathfinder

AND watch her invaluable videos on YouTube: Life Purpose Pathfinder


John Bass:

I met this adorable Brit on FB, and we instantly clicked! Like, BAM! We are definitely soul family, and he helped me immeasurably with this fabulous website, transforming my gifts and knowledge of essential oils into a real life business, AND with my own personal healing journey. Inspired by his work, I created the QFT Custom Manifestation Blend to go with his life-changing Quantum Freedom Technique course. Called, “The Indiana Jones of Meditation Music,” John is a revolutionary in the field of sound frequency healing. Check out a few of his products at these links…

Follow him on Facebook at John Bass Live

And YouTube at New Life Frequencies


Kierra K. King:

Kierra and I have lived so many lives together, we can’t even count them. The minute we met, I knew we’d known each other for thousands of years. She is an Earth Goddess in human form. Her gifts are many. Her soul purpose, her passion, is helping women heal, while healing herself of lifelong traumas such as abuse, homelessness, and addiction, so that we can effortlessly own the power of our divine wombs and heal the world. She inspired me to create the Wild Woman blend, designed to enhance the primal connection to Gaia, and tap into the maternal energy of our beautiful goddess mother! Kierra is a pioneer for teaching women to embrace their raw feminine power. If you feel she may be a proper guide for you on this journey, I encourage you to connect with her.

Follow her on Facebook at Kierra K King-Womb Code.


Marni Rae Photography:

Marni and I met when we both followed our husbands to South Korea, and have been friends for nearly 20 years. She was always an inspiration, and a ray of sunshine for me during a time in my life when I had no idea who I was or what I wanted to be. Our connection has only grown stronger as we both travel this road of self-discovery. Her photography is phenomenal, and many of my product pictures are hers…I’m sure you can tell which ones! (Seriously, took some on my phone in my bedroom, so…yeah…I needed a professional!)

Check her website out here:? Marni Rae Photography

And on Facebook: Marni Rae Photography

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